Why does the South have the highest prevalence of Exclusive breastfeeding?

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I think education plays a role, and because South West has a high rate of education, they are more likely to breastfeed.

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Education definitely plays a role, I heard rural women think strong children start eating early

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Before you know it, Agbo will enter

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Yeah, but its even cheaper sef

I am telling you, I saw a lady feed her six month old child moimoi, all in the name that he would come to love it

If they had better exposure, they would definitely be wiser

But has it been proven that exclusive breastfeeding is 100% ideal? Aren’t there other formulas which could enhance the growth of children and provide necessary nutrients for the babies?

:grinning::grinning::smile: Can you imagine?

Moi-Moi at 6 months old? lol

Several researches say Breast milk is the best, it a complete meal

Slay queen that prioritize the shape of their body over the health of their children… Some would not even do 3 months.

If only they knew that exclusive breastfeeding actually helps them reduce

oh really, thanks for that @CandidHassey i should probably let some know about this

Breast-feeding actually help develop a child mentally

Yes o. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories

Exactly, especially our modern day ladies

yeah it usually boils down to the level of education not even the financial capacity of the mother

Yes, because financial capacity should actually facilitate it, especially because exclusive breastfeeding is free

But also, it seems some persons are so educated that they think some re-formulated food supplements are healthier for their baby.

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