The NHMIS Monthly Insights from Health Facilities in Nigeria

This is a non-interactive dashboard that provides information on the analysis of key health indicators on the National Health Management Information System (NHMIS).

Figure 1: Title slide of the non-interactive NHMIS dashboard

It is done to capture facility-level data from all states in the country. It gives reports and data interpretation on 6 key areas and their indicators. They include:

  • Facility Reporting Rate
  • Maternal Health and Mortality
  • Child Health and Mortality
  • Immunization coverage rates
  • Malaria; and
  • Outpatient attendance rate.

Figure 2: Monthly reporting rates of facilities (throughout the year) on a line graph

Data is presented using both line and bar graphs, and interpretations are also provided below each indicator. The line graphs show the data for each month all through the present and previous years (from January to December) while the bar charts show the data for each state across the country; comparisons for some indicators are provided (e.g., comparison of malaria cases clinically diagnosed and malaria cases confirmed with laboratory diagnostics). Legends are also attached for easy understanding of the graphs provided.

Figure 3: Bar graph showing the reporting rates of all states with their legends

For more information on the NHMIS insights, click here.


This is very detailed and informative.


I think this information is very important; what platform/database is the data gotten from?


The data used for analysis is obtained from the National Health Management Information System.