Men's Health: Say ‘Me Too’ To Regular Checkup

Following a global statistics by a Havard Men’s Health Watch article in 2010, about 115 males are conceived for every 100 females, however an estimated 104 boys against 100 girls are born because males are most likely to die before birth. Over time, several studies have reported the life expectancy rate for males to be significantly lower than that of females in West Africa (Statista, 2018). These rates are particularly lower in Nigeria, as reported to be 53.7years in males and 55.4 years in females (World Population Review, 2019).

Only about 40% of men suffering from life-threatening ailments seek medical consultations (Tri-City Medical Center, 2018), making them more susceptible to conditions such as prostate cancer, blood pressure disorders, eye and cardiovascular diseases. Whereas, with regular checkups these severe health conditions can be detected early allowing for timely consultation and management. Therefore, let us all join in now and in the forthcoming Men’s Health Week (June 15-21, 2020) to advocate for increased awareness in our communities because men’s health matters too.

Considering some men rarely subscribe to regular medical checks, what are the possible reasons for this indifferent attitude towards checkups? What are some of the ways to advocate for increased awareness regarding men’s health and the need for regular checkup? How can men be encouraged to take up regular medical checkup?


I think more emphasis should be made for men to understand the risk involved in neglecting their health.

Yes! More awareness would drive this movement.