Let’s discuss: The advent of online appointment systems in Healthcare

Thanks to the increasing adoption of internet services, we’ve now become accustomed to booking flights, hotel rooms, car rides, dinner reservations, theatre tickets and even church seats online. Online booking surely has its benefits. It generally improves customer experience and decreases no-shows (in cases where customers are required to make financial commitments). Online booking has become an important and expected part of most people’s lives. It’s safe to say customers would rather prefer booking commercial services online.

In the healthcare industry, there is a need to keep up the pace of technological innovations along with the expectations of customers. booking medical appointments online would meet the needs of busy patients, improve patient experience and much more. How comfortable are you with booking medical appointments online? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


It’s no news anymore to see that we are already half way in the future where almost every human activity is done on the internet and for me the inclusion of medical appointments online is one to embrace if properly done in this part of the world. Taking a decision to see a doctor most times is not a pleasant experience to look forward to and more so the stress you go through in doing this can be easily taking away by the use of a mobile app or computer system . Even when a health care practitioner is not available, at a said time you intend to visit the hospital , it can be more convenient to book with another healthcare worker almost immediately instead of waiting or perhaps a patient had to miss an appointment for a cogent reason, the process of cancelling and rebooking can be done easily at the comfort of anywhere stress free. It could have its own challenge but once it’s embraced and done properly, it can only get better