‘I just want to relax and be taken care of...’ Why is self-care important now!?

You might laugh when reading that popular statement. However, we need to understand what the concept of self-care entails.

Do you know that the self-care concept is quite unpopular in Nigeria? But what does self-care really mean? The World Health Organization (WHO) defined self‐care as ‘activities individuals, families and communities undertake with the intention of enhancing health, preventing disease, limiting illness and restoring health. These activities are derived from knowledge and skills from the pool of both professional and lay experience. They are undertaken by laypeople on their own behalf, either separately or in participative collaboration with professionals’ (WHO, 1984).

Self-care means different things to different people. Some self-care tips include; taking time out of your job to rest, reducing screen/social media time, getting a massage, reading a book, eating healthy, sleeping more hours, or regular exercise. (WHO, 2014).

An evidence-based study revealed that indeed, self‐care leads to improved health outcomes (mentally and physically). Lucock et. al., 2011, posited that, despite the hustle and bustle of life, the need for self-care is imperative in our everyday lives.

As exciting as the concept is, one needs to practice it, to reap the immense benefits it brings to one’s physical and mental health. Do you have any thoughts on self-care that you would like to share?