DHIS2 Masterclass

DHIS2 is an integral part of Nigeria’s push to organize our Health Information System. It is the world’s largest Health Information Management System; used by over 67 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Considering the vast potential of this software, there is a need to build capacity of user countries as quickly and efficiently as possible. eHealth4everyone is doing her part to support this cause by sponsoring an absolutely free DHIS2 masterclass, which will hold on the 31st of January, 2020. It promises to be power-packed and information filled. We guarantee that you would come away with a wealth of new knowledge, skills and relationships!

Wish to attend? Simply leave a comment below to indicate interest!


Eagerly looking forward to this training

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Thank you and welcome to APHEN. We also look forward to having you at the training!

i look forward to this training.

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Many thanks to the good people behind this idea, it looks promising.
I look forward to the great day.


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I want to be there live, DHIS2 Masterclass

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Thank you and welcome to the APHEN community. We also look forward to having you at the Masterclass!

Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the APHEN community. We also look forward to meeting you!

Welcome to the APHEN community. We look forward to having you there live!

Good day Admin. I’m looking forward to the DHIS2 Masterclass. Hoping to meet great minds at the event.

Thanks for this opportunity. Looking forward to the Master class session

Looking forward to learning from this opportunity

I know it will be a great learning experience for me and the organization i work for. Anticipating to attend the training masterclass.

Thanks for the invitation. Will be attending please.

Will attend

Looking forward to this!

Thanks for the invitation.

Thanks for the invitation… look forward to the masterclass

Please when next are they planning on doing another free DHIS2 master class training ?

please I am interested in the master class, when next will it hold?