APHeN 2022 Public Health Writing Competition

The 2022 public health writing competition is an opportunity to drive conversations that can help design better health interventions with data as their core, in 1500 words or less.

“The social determinants of child marriage in Nigeria and strategies for its prevention.”

Scheduled date:
26th March, 2022


  1. Free Entry and Cash Prizes: The winning entrant receives N20,000, the runner-up N15,000,and the second runner-up N10,000. Members of the audience also get free gifts.
  2. Professional Recognition: All three winners will be featured on our forum/platform, with commentary from our guest judges.
  3. Guest Judges: From CEOs to Senior Data Analysts and Lead Public Health Professionals, our competition will be judged by respected writers from across Nigeria.

Guiding ideas for the APHeN writing competition:

  • Submissions should first be submitted in a word document and not a PowerPoint. The shortlisted candidates would then prepare PowerPoint slides for physical presentations at the venue on the day of the event;
  • All ideas and content should be backed-up with reliable data;
  • Writing should be captivating to readers and the audience. It should be thoughtful and clearly structured;
  • Content should be data-centred;
  • Content should also be simple and interactive, displaying creativity in presentation, storytelling, and solutions;
  • Credit should be given when due, by citing or referencing your sources.
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished. A work that has previously appeared on a blog or website is considered previously published and is thus ineligible for our competition.

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