5 Interesting facts about the Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) Platform

  1. The Multi-Source Data Analytic and Triangulation (MSDAT) platform is owned by the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) Nigeria. It provides a single transparent view of key health indicators from multiple data sources. The MSDAT also offers comparisons of key metrics across three categories of data sources, namely; routine, surveys, and global estimates. You can explore the MSDAT platform here.
  2. The platform offers navigation tutorials which pop up on its initial launch. To watch the tutorial, click here.

  1. Users can leave feedback on the platform, such as comments and ratings, through the “feedback” button or feature. To leave feedback, users can either take screenshots/draw on the screen and add comments or just give general feedback on the platform as shown below.

  1. The MSDAT has a “Health Service Uptake during COVID-19” dashboard, which allows users to compare monthly health service uptake using key metrics reported from health facilities across the country, through the Nigerian National Health Management Information System (NHMIS). Explore the dashboard here.

  1. The platform also offers answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). This can be accessed by clicking on the “Help and FAQ” button/feature and selecting the drop-down on each question.

The MSDAT platform can be accessed here.

Do you know how to navigate the MSDAT platform? What other interesting facts do you know about the MSDAT platform?


This must be an effective tracking system


Enightening n intresting


Thank you…you can click on the link to the platform for more information.

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Yes and the best part is it is currently being improved to accommodate more data and information

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Thanks for sharing.

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You are welcome

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